Whoever said that money couldn’t buy happiness wasn’t spending their money in the right places. Giving gifts makes us happier in general. A thoughtful gift from Hallmark can help you maintain and even improve your relationship with someone. It can also help you express your feelings and appreciation towards the gift recipient. The unique holiday gift ideas are briefed with the full list here in this article.

Why Is Giving Good for You?

Gifts make us happy because they allow a deeper connection with someone we care about. Gift-giving can make you feel good in several ways. It can make you feel happy and excited, but it can also make you feel utterly happy when you see their faces lit up with that beautiful smile.

Gifts can make your life have a purpose and feel good about yourself. It is a great way to express your gratitude for someone’s contribution to your life and demonstrate your concern for them. Gifts strengthen relationships and bring a greater sense of fulfillment. They are a wonderful way to bond with your friends, family, and other loved ones.

Gift-giving does not have to be expensive or a grand gesture to be meaningful. Though there are gender differences in gift-giving, it is a way to encourage others to think about you.

Psychology Behind Gifting

According to this article, the importance of gift-giving can significantly impact our lives and the lives of those around us. If you find it intimidating, try doing one small, kind thing for someone everyday for a month.

Giving gifts to your loved ones is a great way to foster better and healthier relationships. Gift giving is a complex and integrity behavior involving empathy, one of the most important EI competencies. It also has health benefits with a positive impact on the lives of others.

Gift giving has physiological and psychological benefits, such as lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. It makes us feel good about ourselves because we know that we made someone else happy.

Teaching our children about proper gifting is a valuable lesson about a tricky social practice that adults find difficult. Parents should involve their children in the gift-giving process, show kindness, give charitable gifts, give experiences, and give handmade gifts. Children should reflect on their gift-giving experience and how they feel about it. It helps them to remember their experiences more vividly.

Uncovering the Real Benefits of Digital Gifts

A digital-first personal gifting platform provides you with the context and insight you need to execute the ideal follow-up strategy. If you send a physical invitation, follow up the next day to deliver the gift to the intended recipient. Include the gift link in as many follow-up moments as possible before accepting a gift. You won’t know if your gift was opened or noticed as a regular gift. Whereas in a digital gift, everything is updated.

It is a good sign if the gift has been viewed, but you need to persuade the recipient to accept the gift and schedule a meeting with you. After the gift has been viewed, you will receive a follow-up email. Solutions to handle digital gift situations:

  • If the recipient does not accept the gift,
  • Offer value without asking
  • Remind them to exchange it for something else.

If a gift is accepted,

  • Personalize the invitation and communicate with the recipient.
  • Schedule a meeting to thank them.

If you are a receiver,

  • Express your excitement about speaking with them.
  • Send a thank-you note and use the information from the gift to start a conversation.

Final Words
Gift-giving can be difficult for people who do not believe they deserve a gift and for people who struggle with the concept of gifting in general. After sending a gift, follow up as it is critical to the sales process in digital gifting; meanwhile, if you are the receiver, contact and make a sweet gesture to thank you after receiving a gift invitation. Whatever! Gifting makes a person feel euphoric!