Willow tree figurines- the cherished keepsakes

Willow tree figurines have become a popular gift choice for a variety of reasons. These faceless hand-sculpted figures embody countless emotions, which makes them the ideal gift for any occasion. Messages and custom-made packages also give a personal touch to these gifts. But what makes them even more special is the assortment of interesting facts that make up the gift.

Did you know that Willow Tree Figurines are faceless for a reason? Or, the showpiece needs dedicated care to extend its life? Find out if these figurines are interesting enough to be given to your mother on her special day. You may also want to check out a review of 20 trending mother’s day gift ideas if you are short on unique ideas.

Faceless Willow Tree Figurines Are For A Reason.

As the founder of Willow Tree Figurines, Susan Lordi wanted her works to express feelings- Feelings that brought people closer, made them feel connected and helped heal their wounds. She left the figures without faces on purpose.

Her theory is that the faceless figurines evoke the emotions the receiver perceives in them. The receiver is left with the choice of imagining the face and emotion they desire. According to her, these faceless figurines symbolize love and hope.

Willow tree figurines also have a prominent place in the art world for the concept they depict. Fine art experts consider this figure to represent every emotion one would want to see. It is a personalized gift, which purports different meanings for different receivers.

Taking extreme care of these figurines is also important for them to live a long, damage-free life. The next section discusses the specific requirements of caring for the willow figurines.

Preserving The Willow Tree Figurines In Simple Steps

  • Willow figurines are finished with water-based paints that require extreme care. Water-based paints are used repeatedly in multiple thin layers to paint the willow tree figurines.
  • Cleaning water-based paint requires careful attention. You should avoid using wet cloths to clean the sculpture as they might alter its original color.
  • Clean the figurine with a dry brush or dry cloth. If rust forms on the wing, use fine-grit sandpaper and gently rub it against the figurine.
  • Avoid using abrasive cloth or brushes to wipe the dust on willow figures. This might chip the paint off the sculpture.
  • Ensure that the willow tree figures are kept in a cool and dry place to avoid contact with color fading elements.
  • Covered glass displays are the best place to place your gift. This prevents dust from accumulating over your cherished sculpture.
  • In case of accidental damage, use two-part epoxy to seal the damage. Apply a small amount of epoxy along with the site of damage and hold the pieces together. Allow the joined piece to sit and set.

Willow tree figurines can last for a long time if maintained properly. Please be aware of the elements that could potentially damage your gift and take good care of it.

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